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What In The Wildlife Is Going On With The Gulf Oil Spill?

Thousands of Gallons of Chemical Dispersants Have Been Dumped Into The Gulf of Mexico Since The Deepwater Horizon Accident on April 20th.

Reveal Dispersant’s Toxic Secrets

Target: U.S. Congress

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Since the Deepwater Horizon exploded on April 20th, BP has dumped tons of a mysterious chemical dispersants into the Gulf of Mexico. Another 805,000 gallons is on order.

It’s a trade secret brew of solvents, surfactants and other compounds that breaks oil into small particles that disperse into the sea.

Experts — including the EPA — are growing concerned that the “Toxic Soup” could seriously harm fragile underwater wildlife, damage ecosystems and persist in the food chain. No one really knows if the dispersants are less harmful to the environment than an oil slick on the ocean surface.

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Elected officials must protect the Gulf of Mexico and Americans who make it their home. Tell Congress to compel companies to reveal the chemical makeup of dispersants dumped into the Gulf.


Finally, President Obama “Angry and Frustrated” About BP Oil Spill Eco Disaster

President Obama criticized what he called the “ridiculous spectacle” today at a news conference and showed just how “aggravated and frustrated” he is with the companies responsible for the oil spill.  He also pledged to “End Cozy Oil Links”

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Eight-Inch Tar Balls Wash Up on Beach


“Don’t worry about that pesky oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, BP CEO Tony Hayward says: It’s “relatively tiny” compared to the “very big ocean.”


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