Focusing On The Conservation of Ecosystems, Habitats & Wildlife

The Jungle Jenny Foundation

The Jungle Jenny Foundation was created with the intention to serve the whole Earth by donating time, energy, funds and support to other organizations and charitable purposes. 

The Vision:  To consciously interconnect human beings with nature while envisioning our Biosphere working together as a whole global system approach on Planet Earth.

The Mission:  To preserve life on Earth, focus on conservation of ecosystems, habitats & wildlife while creating awareness for nature, wildlife and all living systems. 


Jennifer J. Michaels AKA Jungle Jenny is the founding force and the guiding light of the foundation.  Her mission as a photojournalist is to be the voice in helping protect tropical and temperate rain forests, preserve indigenous species, habitats & wildlife, protect critically endangered animals, provide education and address threats to these conservation challenges.




Jungle Jenny is committed to connecting kids with nature and the outdoors by providing students, parents and teachers with youth-oriented information and resources related to the conservation of endangered habitats and species (especially in the rain forest), natural resources and the environment. 




An advocate for our natural world, JJ encourages every person to recognize, accept and develop their relationship with nature.  She believes we all have the ability to make changes in our lives that will make an impact on the quality of life for all.  By making conscious choices and changing our habits for our habitats now, we can ensure our path to survival and sustainability.  By shifting the way we think and interconnect with each other and our natural world, WE the people of the planet can collectively bring the change we need.


Her voice is to help humanity understand that WE ARE ALL INTERCONNECTED.

Shift your ‘ME consciousness’ into ‘WE consciousness and Get Interconnected!  — Jungle Jenny