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Oxygen Levels At Almost Zero – Redondo Beach Fish Dead

According to the LA Times Local, this episode in King Harbor followed unusually heavy rainfall in Southern California, which washed lawn fertilizer, dog droppings and similar nutrients into coastal waters. Algae had begun to bloom along the coast as the days grow longer, providing needed sunlight.  Recent winds have further enriched waters by stirring up nutrients that these tiny plants need from deeper waters.

Massive fish die-off in King Harbor Marina -- Photo From LA Times Local

Scientists believe such “dead zones” will increase as ocean waters continue a warming trend in a changing climate.  Warmer waters prompt faster biological growth, just like molds and bacteria will more quickly devour food left out of the refrigerator.

Are The Oceans Reverting Back To Primeval Seas Of Millions Of Years Ago, When Algae, Bacteria and Jellyfish Ruled The Oceans? Is This The “Rise Of Slime?”

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