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Time Line of Gulf Coast Oil Spill Eco Disaster

04/20/10- The420Explosion occurs at 10p.m.  “The MODU Deepwater Horizon deep-water oil drilling rig explodes and catches fire in the Gulf of Mexico. 126 people were on board, 11 go missing and at least 15 are injured”.

04/21/10– “The U.S. Coast Guard holds a news conference to discuss the explosion and those missing. “We have no idea where the 11 unaccounted-for personnel are,” said Mary Landry, commander of the Coast Guard’s 8th district headquarters.”

04/22/10– About 100 survivors from the explosion arrive on shore. The 11 workers unaccounted for are still missing.

04/23/10– The U.S. Coast Guard says no oil is leaking from the undersea well at the Deepwater Horizon site.

04/23/10– The U.S. Coast Guard suspends the search for the 11 missing workers.

04/24/10– Contrary to what the U.S. Coast Guard said the previous day, oil is leaking from the undersea well at the Deepwater Horizon site at a rate of about 1,000 barrels per day, or 42,000 gallons.

04/25/10– Robot subs are used to try to stop the leak, which continues at a rate of about 42,000 gallons per day.

04/28/10Crews begin controlled burn of oil. This method is used to limit the amount of oil that could wash ashore.

04/28/10The NOAA announces that five times as much oil (210,000 gallons) is spewing in the Gulf of Mexico than originally thought. A new leak is discovered, as well, bringing the total to three.

04/29/10An oil spill protection meeting draws nearly 200 fishers to Chalmette.

04/29/10– Governor Bobby Jindal issues emergency declaration in oil leak in Gulf of Mexico.

04/30/10The Louisiana National Guard prepares to send communication equipment, boats, all-terrain vehicles and other equipment to help combat the oil spill.

04/30/10– First bird covered in oil is caught and cared for.

05/01/21St. Bernard Parish fishers begin training to assist in fight against Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

05/01/10Booms readied near Chef Menteur, Ft. Pike, to protect Lake Pontchartrain from Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

05/01/10The Obama administration names Adm. Thad Allen, the retiring U.S. Coast Guard commandant who directed recovery operations during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, to direct Gulf of Mexico oil spill response.

05/01/10No signs of oil at mouth of Mississippi River or Gulf Outlet yet as strong winds stall work deploying booms.

05/02/10President Barack Obama travels to Gulf for update, assures Louisiana that oil spill has federal government’s full attention.

05/02/10Oil rig explosion and spill in Gulf of Mexico was because of failed equipment, according to BP Chairman Lamar McKay.

05/02/10– Offshore fishing in Gulf of Mexico oil spill area closes.

05/03/10Chemicals at source reducing amount of oil spill reaching surface of Gulf, BP CEO Tony Hayward says.

05/03/10A board investigating what caused the explosion and spill plans to hold its first public hearing in about two weeks.

05/03/10– BP CEO Tony Hayward said that BP was not responsible for the accident, but will pay for the cleanup.

05/03/10Jindal says state and parish plans moving forward to contain oil spill.

05/03/10– Containment boxes are being built to capture oil spilling into Gulf.

05/04/10Gulf oil spill will not cause cash flow problems for state, Jindal says.

05/04/10– Jindal mobilizes another 500 troops for Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

05/04/10– Rig workers sue in Gulf oil spill, saying they were in lifeboats for 10 hours after explosion.

05/04/10– BP CEO Tony Hayward says spending on Gulf oil spill unlikely to be limited by cap.

05/04/10– BP attaches shut-off valve, will begin shipping containment structures for Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

05/05/10– BP caps one of three Gulf of Mexico oil leaks but the flow is undiminished.

05/05/10– Containment box meant to stifle Gulf of Mexico oil spill is en route to accident site.

05/05/10– Containment box meant to stifle Gulf of Mexico oil spill is en route to accident site.

05/05/10– Louisiana seafood proclaimed safe amid Gulf oil spill fears.

05/06/10– 2 dead birds found near islands off Plaquemines Parish.

05/06/10– BP did five “controlled burns” Wednesday of oil released in Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

05/06/10– BP offers spill cleanup class to St. Charles commercial fishers.

05/06/10– Oil fumes delaying lowering of containment box over Gulf oil leak.

05/06/10- Safety fluid was removed before oil rig exploded in Gulf.

05/07/10– Coast Guard confirms report of Gulf oil spill reaching Chandeleur Islands.

05/07/10– How the Gulf of Mexico oil spill happened: a graphic presentation.

05/06/10Booms being deployed to protect Rigolets, Chef Menteur passes from oil spill.

05/07/10– Containment box to stifle oil spill in Gulf has been placed over spewing well.

05/08/10– Gulf of Mexico oil leak response hampered by frozen crystals clogging containment box.

05/09/10– After Saturday’s containment box failure, BP may try again with a smaller version.

05/10/10– BP prepares second, smaller containment dome, and for “kill shot” on leaking oil well in Gulf of Mexico.

05/10/10– BP president to face congressional questioning in Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

05/10/10Gas surge shut well a couple of weeks before Gulf oil spill.

05/11/10– Gulf of Mexico oil leak hearings in Senate leave major questions unanswered.

05/11/10– Smaller ‘top hat’ containment box being lowered over Gulf oil leak.

05/12/10Video – Times Picayune –

05/12/10– Click on Link To Watch The Spewing of  MILLIONS of Gallons of Oil Below The Sea Surface Into The Gulf of Mexico.

05/12/10– NYTimes-“U.S. to Split Up Agency Policing the Oil Industry”.

05/12/10The Washington Post-“Offshore drilling agency to undergo radical overhaul, Salazar announces”

05/12/10– abcNEWS-Interior Department Continues to Issue “Categorical Exclusions” for Oil Drilling, Administration Official Acknowledges

05/12/10– REUTERS-“Oil execs quizzed on safety as BP tries new well fix”

05/13/“Obama asks for 129 million dollars to fight oil-spill fallout”

05/14/10– “Today’s Letter to Governor Jindal, Financial Friends and the Stakeholders”