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Be The Conscious Agent Of Change: __________________ Like Inside, Like Outside!

Living life on conscious and creating conscious change involves improving thought processes.  The process of making these thought transitions can be very challenging. 

However, once these new thoughts about your biology enter your belief system, know that you have the power to rearrange and change the material world.

By accessing, identifying and modifying some of her own thought processes in her own subconscious mind, Jungle Jenny was able to shift her everyday thoughts into conscious actions, change old habitats to new choices, and elevate her life to a new level of awareness.

With a new sense of inspiration and meaningful participation in daily life, Jungle Jenny was destined to take her conscious call to action and create an outlet to express her creativity and expertise of communication. 

JJ’s pioneering SPIRIT has found considerable happiness and fulfillment by building solid bridges of understanding between herself, her community and others through her Jungle Journalism and The Glocal Action Project, which is currently in development.

She believes (as do many others) we have reached a crucial time/juncture in our history and knows it is imperative for all to act upon for human survival on this planet. The challenge of choosing our destiny and deciding the fate of life on this planet has reached a threshold.  The habits and patterns of our actions have become obsolete and finding new ways towards global interconnectedness have become the necessary condition for responsible living and acting.

As a member of the human community, JJ is attuned to the universal energy of nature and is aware of the consequences of her actions and has taken steps to accept responsibility for them. 

The consequences of all our daily actions within the human community is building up in speed and the key to survival now is completely acknowledging the fact that we are truly connected to each other and with the cosmos.   —


It is written: “In Nature, there are neither rewards nor punishment, merely consequences!”

The Consequences of Human Interference and Neglect

The consequences of having the freedom of choice and “the ability to do or not do something” can ultimately contribute to the overall health of our Earth.

Make The Right Choice and Do Something To Contribute.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”  CHARLES DARWIN

Jungle Jenny is working on “Creating A World Shift in Conscious Change” for a harmonious planet to embody a caring world with each other and our planet as soon as possible.


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